Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PS Malik's Articles

This page is a hub of Articles written by PS Malik. He posts his articles on the website www.psmalik.com but a few articles are posted here also.
The existence of PS Malik can be best defined by saying that he does not exist. PS Malik is a being, a becoming, a witnessing. He is not even a witness. May be, that this way of description of a personality is a bit complicated; but isn’t it a bit complicated to describe the special theory of relativity, isn’t it a bit complicated to describe the Aðwait philosophy of Veðanta, isn’t it a bit complicated to perform Tantra at night after a day long spell of arguments in Courts. I think I am on a right track of describing PS Malik.
But PS Malik is not as stale and boring as goes my description of him. I may portray his sketch in his poem here:
Once I requested him to tell me how he could appear so perfect and perfected on each occasion. PS Malik simply smiled and whispered:
My daily activities are not unusual, 
I'm just in harmony with them. 
Grasping nothing, discarding nothing, 
In every place there is no hindrance, no conflict . . .

I have requested PS Malik to write the basic pages of this website including About Me, My Perception, Cosmologically, The Existence and the CrossRoads. The remaining pages are written by our group but even those pages have a long shadow of various shades of PS Malik. There are some other areas where we have borrowed something from his resource personality.
Let us begin …

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